Research at RCQEPT

The goal of RCQEPT group is to investigate quantum and classical optical phenomena theoretically as well as experimentally to apply them in advanced technologies and fundamental quantum experiments. Our team led by Prof. A.R. Bahrampour, is composed of three faculty members, two postdoctoral fellows, some research associates, graduate and undergraduate students.

Our research topics are divided into two main categories: quantum optics and applied photonics.

In quantum optics field, our research is focused on fundamental aspects of quantum physics, quantum optomechanics (including Ion trapping, cooling, quantum memories…), quantum thermodynamics and quantum control, and quantum communication. The main application of quantum communication is in secure communication which is closely related to quantum information processing, quantum computation, quantum teleportation, distributing entanglement resources, quantum repeaters and quantum networks. One aspect of our work in quantum communication involves the investigation and implementation of different communication protocols including cryptography systems. A priority goal of our research is to implement some quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols in laboratory and filed.

In applied photonics, we are interested and work in topics related to laser technologies, micro-resonators, fiber optics and fiber sensors, which they have variety of application from industry (including pipeline leaks detection, intruder sensors, border monitoring…) to agriculture (intelligent irrigation).

Our Research Groups

Optical fiber has unique features that caused to play a key role in the development of communication and data transmission. Among these features one that made interests for researchers and craftsmen in recent decades is the sensibility of optical fibers.

Communications is the art of transmitting the information. In the classical communications, the carriers of information are classical resources, while quantum communications use quantum resources for transmitting the information.

Quantum Optics is a branch of Optics which is studied quantum mechanically. Quantum Mechanics was first established with Planck’s mathematical postulate (that light is composed of quanta of definite energy) to correctly describe black body radiation.